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Next generation silencers!

Designed and made in Lithuania

High Quality

AAM Defence strives for the highest quality, which is why all silencers are made of the superalloy - INCONEL 718.

Trustworthy Design

A new and innovative design ensures durability and reliability of the silencer.

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Next-Level Experience

Minimal design & style

The minimal and modern design of the silencer will allow one to remain unnoticed. The non-glossy surface, neutral color and simple shape will help you blend in with the environment.

Minimal Blowback

Compared to competitors' products, AAM Defence silencers significantly reduce the blowback, ensuring minimal gun contamination and comfort for the shooter.

Reduced sound emission

AAM Defence silencers are designed using innovative technology that reduces sound and creates excellent conditions for the shooter who wants to remain undetected.

Easy maintenance

The two-part silencer is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it easy to maintain and clean.

Reduced Recoil

AAM Defence silencers ensure accuracy, reduce recoil and shooter fatigue.


In order to reduce the fatigue of the shooter, special attention is paid to the weight of the silencer.

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Quality guarantee

Every product manufactured by AAM Defense is thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure its quality.

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